An open source Java mapping toolkit

Image OpenMap is a Java Beans-based toolkit for building applications and applets needing geographic information. Using OpenMap components, you can access data from legacy applications, in-place, in a distributed setting. At its core, OpenMap is a set of Swing components that understand geographic coordinates. These components help you show map data, and help you handle user input events to manipulate that data.

The latest version is OpenMap 5.1.15, released December 9, 2016. A complete list of updates is maintained in the CHANGELOG file in the package. BluestarLinux PKGBUILD distributions can be downloaded here.

Latest News

(December 9, 2016) OpenMap 5.1.15 contains bug fixes and is a slight update to 5.1.14.

(Aug 5, 2016) OpenMap 5.1.14 has been compiled and tested with Java 6, as opposed to previous versions that required Java 5. OpenMap 6.0 will require Java 7.

(Feb 11, 2016) The next version of OpenMap with substantive changes will modify the API. Classes are moving to packages that are more appropriate for their functionality, packages are being combined and renamed to be more accurate of the classes they contain, and PlugIns are being converted to OMGraphicHandlerLayers (all of the plungin packages are gone). The com.bbn.openmap.plugin package is gone. The corba source branch is gone. There are new pom.xml files, this branch has been maven-ized. These changes are in the git repository at GitHub, under the v6.0b branch.

You've Got A Lot Of Options

OpenMap can be run as a stand-alone Java application, as an applet in a browser, or as a Java WebStart application. Layers can be configured at runtime to read data from local files, remote files, URLs or resources in jar files. Certain Java application configurations (Applets, WebStart) limit data access options.

There are source directories for creating servlets that run in Glassfish/Tomcat. OpenMap components and layers can be used to create mapping servers (WMS, MTS), no change to layer code is necessary.

If you just want to get your data on a map, write a Layer that creates OMGraphics and add it to your application. There are heavily-commented, simple layer examples to help you understand how to do this.

OpenMap is a trademark of BBN Technologies, which is now a part of Raytheon. BBN Technologies developed OpenMap as part of their logistics support application offerings, and started developing the Java version of OpenMap in 1996 when Java was released. BBN released OpenMap as open source in 1998. OpenMap's code base and website was moved from BBN in 2012, though ties to BBN still exist.
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There is an OpenMap forum on Google Groups. It's the preferred place to post questions, bugs and comments since other people with the same issues can get information there too. The old discussion group at BBN is still archived (it goes back to 2004, and thanks to BBN for providing the archive!!), there are a lot of questions and answers here.