Class NetMapEvent

  extended by com.bbn.openmap.graphicLoader.netmap.NetMapEvent

public class NetMapEvent
extends java.lang.Object

Event that represents a status update from a NetMap server. The NetMap output is provided in lines that contain a bunch of fields. The line is parsed, with each token interpreted by the NetMapReader and put into a Properties object. The NetMapEvent can be examined to get fields - the field names are listed in the NetMapConstants interface, you can query for a field and use it if it's there.

Field Summary
protected  java.util.Properties properties
protected  java.lang.Object source
Constructor Summary
NetMapEvent(java.lang.Object source, java.util.Properties eventProps)
Method Summary
 java.util.Properties getProperties()
 java.lang.Object getSource()
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
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Field Detail


protected java.util.Properties properties


protected java.lang.Object source
Constructor Detail


public NetMapEvent(java.lang.Object source,
                   java.util.Properties eventProps)
Method Detail


public java.util.Properties getProperties()


public java.lang.Object getSource()

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