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Packages that use LayerControlButtonPanel
com.bbn.openmap.gui This package contains the main OpenMap Swing GUI components. 

Uses of LayerControlButtonPanel in com.bbn.openmap.gui

Fields in com.bbn.openmap.gui declared as LayerControlButtonPanel
protected  LayerControlButtonPanel LayersPanel.controls
          The set of buttons that control the layers.

Methods in com.bbn.openmap.gui that return LayerControlButtonPanel
 LayerControlButtonPanel LayersPanel.createControlButtons()
          Set up the buttons used to move layers up and down, or add/remove layers.
 LayerControlButtonPanel LayersPanel.getControls()

Methods in com.bbn.openmap.gui with parameters of type LayerControlButtonPanel
 void LayersPanel.setControls(LayerControlButtonPanel lcbp)
          Simply sets the controls.
protected  void LayersPanel.setControlsAndNotify(LayerControlButtonPanel lcbp)
          Should be called internally, when the LayersPanel creates the LayerControlButtonPanel.

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