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Packages that use MapPanel Provides the basic OpenMap applet and application classes. 
com.bbn.openmap.gui This package contains the main OpenMap Swing GUI components. 

Uses of MapPanel in

Fields in declared as MapPanel
protected  MapPanel OpenMap.mapPanel

Methods in that return MapPanel
 MapPanel OpenMap.getMapPanel()
          Get the MapPanel, the container for the OpenMap components.

Uses of MapPanel in com.bbn.openmap.gui

Classes in com.bbn.openmap.gui that implement MapPanel
 class BasicMapPanel
          The BasicMapPanel is a MapPanel and OMComponentPanel that is the heart of the OpenMap application framework.
 class DockMapPanel
          The DockMapPanel is a MapPanel that uses a DockPanel for its layout.
 class OverlayMapPanel
          An extension of the BasicMapPanel that uses an OverlayLayout on the panel in the BorderLayout.CENTER position.

Uses of MapPanel in com.bbn.openmap.gui.time

Classes in com.bbn.openmap.gui.time that implement MapPanel
 class TimelinePanel
 class TimeSliderPanel

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