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com.bbn.openmap.gui This package contains the main OpenMap Swing GUI components. This package contains OpenMap Swing GUI components that can be used in menus. Provides classes to implement a drawing tool. 

Classes in used by com.bbn.openmap.gui
          The MenuList is a component that creates a set of JMenus from Properties, and can provide a JMenuBar or JMenu with those JMenus.
          This is version of AbstractOpenMapMenu that can be created and configured with properties.
          Menu item that holds onto the tool panel, and hides/displays it when selected.

Classes in used by
          A MapHandlerMenuItem is a JMenuItem that uses the MapHandler to find objects it needs to operate.
          A MenuItem that is capable of looking at MapBean and saving it as an Image

Classes in used by
          UndoMenuItemStackTrigger holds a couple of menu items that can trigger an UndoStack.

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