Uses of Interface

Packages that use ImageServerConstants
com.bbn.openmap.image This package has classes that provide image creation and manipulation capabilities. 
com.bbn.openmap.plugin Provides support for writing OpenMap PlugIns. 
com.bbn.openmap.plugin.earthImage This package contains a plugin that can read in an image, assumed to be in the Mercator projection and covering the entire Earth, and warp it to any OpenMap projection. 
com.bbn.openmap.plugin.shis This package contains a plugin that can fetch images from a com.bbn.openmap.image.SimpleHttpImageServer. 
com.bbn.openmap.plugin.wms This package contains a plugin that can contact, retrieve and display the image received from an OpenGIS Web Map Server (WMS). 

Uses of ImageServerConstants in com.bbn.openmap.image

Classes in com.bbn.openmap.image that implement ImageServerConstants
 class ImageServerUtils
          A class to contain convenience functions for parsing web image requests.
 class MapRequestHandler
          The MapRequestHandler is the front end for String requests to the ImageServer.

Uses of ImageServerConstants in com.bbn.openmap.image.wms

Classes in com.bbn.openmap.image.wms that implement ImageServerConstants
 class DynamicWmsRequestHandler
 class WmsRequestHandler

Uses of ImageServerConstants in com.bbn.openmap.plugin

Classes in com.bbn.openmap.plugin that implement ImageServerConstants
 class WebImagePlugIn
          This class asks for an image from a web server.

Uses of ImageServerConstants in com.bbn.openmap.plugin.earthImage

Classes in com.bbn.openmap.plugin.earthImage that implement ImageServerConstants
 class EarthImagePlugIn
          This class takes an image of the earth, and creates a background image from it that matches an OpenMap projection.

Uses of ImageServerConstants in com.bbn.openmap.plugin.shis

Classes in com.bbn.openmap.plugin.shis that implement ImageServerConstants
 class SHISPlugIn
          This class asks for an image from a SimpleHttpImageServer.

Uses of ImageServerConstants in com.bbn.openmap.plugin.wms

Classes in com.bbn.openmap.plugin.wms that implement ImageServerConstants
 class WMSPlugIn
          This class asks for an image from an OpenGIS compliant Web Map Server (WMS).

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