Uses of Class

Packages that use ClientLink Provide classes to handle the link protocol: a layer that displays link data, classes to assist in writing a link server, and methods that read and write in the link protocol format. 

Uses of ClientLink in

Fields in declared as ClientLink
protected  ClientLink
          volatile because we want internal methods to get the message that a link was nulled out.

Methods in that return ClientLink
protected  ClientLink LinkManager.getLink()
          Get the ClientLink however it is appropriate for this LinkManager.
 ClientLink LinkManager.getLink(boolean waitForLock)
          This should be the only method a multi-threaded object uses to gain use of the thread, i.e., on the client side where a GUI can start a lot of requests.
protected  ClientLink LinkManager.getLink(LinkListener ll)
          Called for a LayerListener that will not write to the Link, only read from it.

Methods in with parameters of type ClientLink
protected  LinkOMGraphicList BufferedLinkLayer.getAllGraphics(ClientLink link, Projection proj)
          Creates the LinkMapRequest, and gets the results.
protected  void LinkLayer.sendMapRequest(ClientLink link, Projection proj)
          Creates the LinkMapRequest.

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