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Packages that use Link Provide classes to handle the link protocol: a layer that displays link data, classes to assist in writing a link server, and methods that read and write in the link protocol format. A link server that reads ESRI shape file data. 

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Subclasses of Link in
 class ClientLink
          The ClientLink provides the method to close the link down, since it makes that decision.

Fields in declared as Link
protected  Link
          The Link to use to talk to the client.
protected  Link
          Link used for the transmission/reception of graphics.
protected  Link
          Link used for the transmission/reception of actions.

Methods in with parameters of type Link
 void TestLinkServer.getRectangle(LinkMapRequest query, Link link)
          An example of how to handle GraphicsLinkQueries.
 void LinkServer.getRectangle(LinkMapRequest query, Link link)
          An example of how to handle GraphicsLinkQueries.
 void TestLinkServer.handleGesture(LinkActionRequest glq, Link link)
          An example of how to handle LinkActionRequest.
 void LinkServer.handleGesture(LinkActionRequest lar, Link link)
          An example of how to handle LinkActionRequest.
 void LinkServer.huh(Link link)
          If a request is not handled, or not understood, reply with this.
 java.lang.String link)
          Read the link to create the request object.
 java.lang.String link)
          Read the link and pull off the gesture, filling in the fields of this object.
 java.lang.String link)
          Read the link and pull off the gesture, filling in the fields of this object.
static void LinkMapRequest.write(float centerLat, float centerLon, float scale, int height, int width, LinkBoundingPoly[] boundingPolys, LinkProperties props, Link link)
          Write the request to the link.
static void LinkActionRequest.write(int descriptor, java.awt.event.KeyEvent ke, LinkProperties props, Link link)
          Write a KeyEvent on the link to the server.
static void LinkActionRequest.write(int descriptor, java.awt.event.MouseEvent me, float latPoint, float lonPoint, LinkProperties props, Link link)
          Write a MouseEvent on the link to the server.
 void LinkProperties.write(Link link)
          Write the properties as several strings.
static void LinkArc.write(OMArc arc, Link link, LinkProperties props)
static void LinkBitmap.write(OMBitmap bitmap, Link link, LinkProperties props)
          Write a bitmap to the link.
static void LinkCircle.write(OMCircle circle, Link link, LinkProperties props)
static void LinkEllipse.write(OMEllipse ellipse, Link link, LinkProperties props)
static void LinkGraphic.write(OMGraphic omGraphic, Link link)
static void LinkGraphic.write(OMGraphic omGraphic, Link link, LinkProperties props)
static void LinkGrid.write(OMGrid grid, Link link, LinkProperties props)
static void LinkLine.write(OMLine line, Link link, LinkProperties props)
          Write an OMLine to the link.
static void LinkPoint.write(OMPoint point, Link link, LinkProperties props)
          Write an OMPoint to the Link.
static void LinkPoly.write(OMPoly poly, Link link, LinkProperties props)
          Write a poly to the link.
static void LinkRaster.write(OMRaster raster, Link link, LinkProperties props)
          Write a raster to the link.
static void LinkRectangle.write(OMRect rect, Link link, LinkProperties props)
          Write an OMRect to the link.
static void LinkText.write(OMText text, Link link, LinkProperties props)
          Write a text to the link.
static void LinkGUIRequest.write(java.lang.String[] args, Link link)

Constructors in with parameters of type Link
LinkActionList(Link link, Layer layer, Projection proj, OMGridGenerator generator)
          Read the gesture section off the link, from the client.
LinkActionList(Link link, LinkProperties properties)
          Write a gesture response section to the link, from the server side.
LinkActionRequest(Link link)
LinkActionRequest(Link link, int descriptor, java.lang.String sectionEnder)
          Constructor used by a server to let the client know what types of gestures the server can receive.
LinkGraphicList(Link link, LinkOMGraphicList graphicList)
          Read the graphics section off the link.
LinkGraphicList(Link link, LinkOMGraphicList graphicList, Projection proj, OMGridGenerator generator)
          Read the graphics section off the link, if you want the graphics to be projected as they come off the link.
LinkGraphicList(Link link, LinkProperties properties)
          Write a graphics section to the link.
LinkGUIList(Link link)
          Write a gui section to the link.
LinkGUIRequest(Link link)
LinkMapRequest(Link link)
          The constructor to use when reading the LinkMapRequest off the link.
LinkProperties(Link link)
          Create a LinkProperties, and read it's contents off a link.

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Methods in with parameters of type Link
 void ShapeLinkServer.getRectangle(LinkMapRequest query, Link link)

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