Package com.bbn.openmap.omGraphics.awt

Interface Summary
Revertable Something that can be reverted !
ShapeDecoration A ShapeDecoration is a basic element to be drawn along a path by a ShapeDecorator.

Class Summary
AbstractShapeDecoration A minimal implementation of ShapeDecoration, adds members and accessors for graphic attributes : length : the decoration length, along the path to decorate width : the decoration width, normal to the path to decorate orientation : the decoration is on the left or on the right of the path stroke, paint : the stroke and paint to be used
CircleShapeDecoration A ShapeDecoration that draws a circle on the path.
LineShapeDecoration A decoration which is just a line.
LineUtil Various computations about plane geometry.
SerializableTexturePaint A wrapper around TexturePaint objects that can be used to serialize them.
ShapeDecorator The ShapeDecorator class : in charge of drawing repeatedly several stored decorations along a path (a polyline or a complex shape)
SpacingShapeDecoration The most simple decoration : space.
TextShapeDecoration A ShapeDecoration that draws a text along a path

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