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Packages that use OMCircle
com.bbn.openmap.dataAccess.shape This package provides read and write access to ESRI shape files, including the .shp, .dbf and .shx files. 
com.bbn.openmap.event Provides the various event object and listener interfaces for using the MapBean. Provide classes to handle the link protocol: a layer that displays link data, classes to assist in writing a link server, and methods that read and write in the link protocol format. 
com.bbn.openmap.layer.test Provides a test layer for OpenMap. 
com.bbn.openmap.omGraphics Provides geographically based graphics classes. 

Uses of OMCircle in com.bbn.openmap.dataAccess.shape

Methods in com.bbn.openmap.dataAccess.shape with parameters of type OMCircle
static OMPoly EsriPolygonList.convert(OMCircle omCircle, Projection proj)

Uses of OMCircle in com.bbn.openmap.event

Methods in com.bbn.openmap.event with parameters of type OMCircle
protected  void RangeRingsMouseMode.prepareCircle(OMCircle circle)
          Customizes the given OMCicle before it is rendered.

Uses of OMCircle in

Methods in that return OMCircle
static OMCircle dis)
          Read the circle protocol off the data input, and return an OMCircle.
static OMCircle dis, LinkProperties propertiesBuffer)
          Read the circle protocol off the data input, and return an OMCircle.

Methods in with parameters of type OMCircle
static void LinkCircle.write(OMCircle circle, Link link, LinkProperties props)

Uses of OMCircle in com.bbn.openmap.layer.test

Fields in com.bbn.openmap.layer.test declared as OMCircle
protected  OMCircle TestLayer.omcircle

Uses of OMCircle in com.bbn.openmap.omGraphics

Subclasses of OMCircle in com.bbn.openmap.omGraphics
 class OMEllipse
          The OMEllipse is a lat/lon ellipse, made up of a center lat/lon point, and some length described for the x and y axis.
 class OMRangeRings
          An object that manages a series of range circles.

Fields in com.bbn.openmap.omGraphics declared as OMCircle
protected  OMCircle
protected  OMCircle[] OMRangeRings.subCircles
          The inner ring of circles.

Methods in com.bbn.openmap.omGraphics that return OMCircle
 OMCircle[] OMRangeRings.createCircles()
          Take the interval and intervalUnits, and then create the proper inner circles.

Constructors in com.bbn.openmap.omGraphics with parameters of type OMCircle
EditableOMCircle(OMCircle omc)
          Create the EditableOMCircle with an OMCircle already defined, ready for editing.

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