Package com.bbn.openmap.omGraphics.event

Provides classes for event notification of OMGraphic changes.


Interface Summary
GestureResponsePolicy The GestureResponsePolicy interface describes an object that receives interpreted events from a MapMouseInterpreter.
MapMouseInterpreter A MapMouseInterpreter is an extension of the MapMouseListener that has some understanding how MouseEvents on a Map relate to an OMGraphicList, and what kind of actions should be taken on the OMGraphics on a list.
SelectionListener An interface defining an object that is interested in receiving SelectionEvents.
SelectionProvider An interface to define an object that can generate SelectionEvents for OMGraphics.

Class Summary
DBLClickSelectMapMouseInterpreter The DBLClickSelectMapMouseInterpreter is an extension of the StandardMapMouseInterpreter that limits selection to map objects that have been double clicked on, instead of the single click used by default in the super class.
EOMGEvent The EOMGEvent describes a change in state of an EditableOMGraphic.
EOMGListenerSupport This is a utility class that can be used by beans that need support for handling EOMGListeners and calling the EOMGListener method.
SelectionEvent An event that a SelectionProvider gives to a SelectionListener, in order to notify it of OMGraphics that have been selected and deselected.
SelectionSupport A class to help SelectionProviders manage SelectionListeners, and to help with firing SelectionEvents to those listeners.
StandardMapMouseInterpreter The StandardMapMouseInterpreter is a basic implementation of the MapMouseInterpreter, working with an OMGraphicHandlerLayer to handle MouseEvents on it.

Package com.bbn.openmap.omGraphics.event Description

Provides classes for event notification of OMGraphic changes.

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