Package com.bbn.openmap.proj

Provides projection classes.


Interface Summary
EqualArc A designator interface to let layers know that a Projection is an Equal Arc projection, meaning that the variations in latitude and longitude are constant.
Projection Projection interface to the OpenMap projection library.
ProjectionLoader A ProjectionLoader is a class that knows how to create projection classes for given parameters.
ProjectionStackTrigger Provides Projection Stack input by firing BackProkCmd and ForwardProjCmd commands, which cause it to set a projection in the MapBean.

Class Summary
AspectRatioProjection A Projection that wraps another projection, but stretch the image to another aspect ratio.
AziDist Structure contains azimuth and distance values.
Azimuth Base of all azimuthal projections.
BasicProjectionLoader The BasicProjectionLoader is a base implementation of the ProjectionLoader interface that conveniently handles the PropertyConsumer methods for the ProjectionLoader.
CADRG Implements the CADRG projection.
CADRGLoader ProjectionLoader to add the CADRG projection to an OpenMap application.
Cartesian The Cartesian projection is a non-wrapping, straight-forward scaling projection drawn in 2D.
CartesianLoader ProjectionLoader to add the Cartesian projection to an OpenMap application.
Clip Clipping functions.
Cylindrical Base of all cylindrical projections.
DatumShiftProjection This projection wraps another projection and adds datum handling.
DrawUtil Drawing utility functions.
Ellipsoid A class representing a reference Ellipsoid for UTM calculations.
GeoProj GeoProj is the base class of all Projections that deal with coordinates on the world sphere.
Gnomonic Implements the Gnomonic projection.
GnomonicLoader ProjectionLoader to add the Gnomonic projection to an OpenMap application.
GreatCircle Methods for calculating great circle and other distances on the sphere and ellipsoid.
LambertConformal Implements the LambertConformalConic projection.
LambertConformalLoader ProjectionLoader to add the LambertConformal projection to an OpenMap application.
LineCoordinateGenerator Generator class that connects simple coordinates with complex lines (great circle or rhumb).
LineType LineType constants.
LLXY Implements the LLXY projection, which is basically something where the lat/lon and pixel ratios are the same.
LLXYLoader ProjectionLoader to add the LLXY projection to an OpenMap application.
Mercator Implements the Mercator projection.
MercatorLoader ProjectionLoader to add the Mercator projection to an OpenMap application.
Orthographic Implements the Orthographic projection.
OrthographicLoader ProjectionLoader to add the Orthographic projection to an OpenMap application.
Planet Planet datums and parameters.
Proj Proj is the base class of all Projections.
ProjectionFactory The ProjectionFactory creates Projections.
ProjectionStack Provides Projection Stack, to listen for projection changes and remember them as they pass by.
ProjectionStackSupport This is a utility class that can be used by beans that need support for handling ProjectionListeners and firing ProjectionEvents.
ProjMath Math functions used by projection code.
UTMProjection A OpenMap Projection class that uses the UTMPoint to do its calculation.

Enum Summary
Length Length is a convenience class used for a couple of things.

Exception Summary
ProjectionException A RuntimeException subclass to handle problems creating a projection with the ProjectionFactory.

Package com.bbn.openmap.proj Description

Provides projection classes.

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