The icon package is intended to provide the capability to create or fetch icons.


Interface Summary
IconPart An IconPart is an object that makes up a piece of what's rendered on an Icon.

Class Summary
BasicAppIconPart A BasicAppIconPart is a BasicIconPart that can be interested in a set of DrawingAttributes on the fly.
BasicIconPart The BasicIconPart is an implementation of the IconPart.
IconFactoryTestingTool An example class and example for how to use the OMIconFactory and IconParts to create Icons.
IconPartCollection A collection of IconParts, available by name.
IconPartCollectionEntry An entry into an IconPartCollection, providing an IconPart with a name and description.
IconPartList An IconPartList is a group of IconParts that can be rendered together.
OMIconFactory The OMIconFactory is a factory to build ImageIcons, with content described by IconParts for a certain size.
OpenMapAppPartCollection.OpenMapAppPart.Arc type = Arc2D.OPEN, Arc2D.CHORD, Arc2D.PIE

Package Description

The icon package is intended to provide the capability to create or fetch icons. The OMIconFactory can create ImageIcons from IconParts and IconPartLists (a sequence of IconParts). The OMIconFactory can create icons of any size. The IconPart is the base interface for the package, defining an object that contains geometry and information on how to render that geometry. The IconPart geometry coordinates are defined on a coordinate system to 100, like a percentage. When the IconPart is told how big the icon it is a part of, it scales itself to fit the icon. Any part of the IconPart geometry defined less than zero or greater than 100 is clipped. IconPartCollections are mechanisms for IconParts to be organized and retrievable by name.

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