Uses of Interface

Packages that use RoadLayer Provides classes to determine routes given a set of roads and intersections. 

Uses of RoadLayer in

Classes in that implement RoadLayer
 class RoadFinder
          Gives road access to a shape or vpf layer.

Fields in declared as RoadLayer
protected  RoadLayer Visual.layer
          The RoadLayer of which we are a part.

Methods in that return RoadLayer
 RoadLayer Waypoint.getRoadLayer()
          Get the RoadLayer of which this is a part.
 RoadLayer Road.getRoadLayer()

Constructors in with parameters of type RoadLayer
Intersection(LatLonPoint loc, RoadLayer layer)
          Create an Intersection at a given location.
Intersection(LatLonPoint loc, java.lang.String name, RoadLayer layer)
Road(int id, java.lang.String name, Intersection from, Intersection to, RoadClass roadClass, RoadLayer roadLayer)
          Create a road between two Intersections.
RoadPoint(Road road, LatLonPoint loc, RoadLayer layer)
Waypoint(LatLonPoint loc, RoadLayer layer)
          create a Waypoint at a given location.

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