Class CodeFunctionID

  extended by
      extended by

public class CodeFunctionID
extends CodePosition

The CodeFunctionID CodePosition represents a single level of the part of the tree that starts to really scope in on a symbol's purpose. CodeFunctionIDs are used to represent the 5-10 characters of a symbol code. The CodePositions are linked together in a tree format when the hierarchy tree is read and interpreted, with like features grouped together under a common SymbolPart by a CodeFunctionID.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class
choices, DEBUG, endIndex, hierarchyNumber, id, NameProperty, nextPosition, NextProperty, NO_CHAR, NO_NUMBER, prettyName, startIndex, symbolPart
Constructor Summary
CodeFunctionID(int pos)
Method Summary
 void parseHierarchy(java.lang.String hCode, java.util.Properties props, SymbolPart parent)
Methods inherited from class
addPositionChoice, addPositionChoice, codeMatches, getEndIndex, getFromChoices, getHierarchyNumber, getHierarchyNumberString, getID, getNextPosition, getNULLCodePosition, getPositionChoices, getPrettyName, getStartIndex, getSymbolPart, parsePositions, toString
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Constructor Detail


public CodeFunctionID()


public CodeFunctionID(int pos)
Method Detail


public void parseHierarchy(java.lang.String hCode,
                           java.util.Properties props,
                           SymbolPart parent)
parseHierarchy in class CodePosition

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