Package com.bbn.openmap.util

Provide miscellaneous utility classes for OpenMap.


Interface Summary
Attributable An object that has attributes.
DataBoundsProvider An interface describing a Component that can provide basic information about the area its data covers.
DataOrganizer<T> The DataOrganizer lets you organize objects in a way that will let you retrieve them based on a geographic query.
ISwingWorker<T> Interface that describes kinds of SwingWorkers that layers might want to use.
Taskable Taskables are ActionListeners that respond to events from Timers.

Class Summary
AbstractXmlParser Base class for xml parsing
ArgParser A simple class to manage the line arguments of a program.
Assert Assert provides an assertion facility in Java comparable to the assert macros in C/C++.
BrowserLauncher2WebBrowser A WebBrowser implementation that uses BrowserLauncher2.
ClasspathHacker Useful class for dynamically changing the classpath, adding classes during runtime.
ColorFactory ColorFactory creates instances of colors.
ComponentFactory The OpenMap ComponentFactory is a class that can construct objects from class names, with the added capability of passing the new object a Properties object to initialize itself.
CSVTokenizer Tokenizer for comma separated values files, at least as generated by excel.
DataBounds A simple utility class that holds a min, max for a group of points.
Debug An abstract class that presents a static interface for debugging output.
DeepCopyUtil A set of convenience functions for deep copying data structures.
FanCompress Class to perform fan compression on points.
FanCompress.FloatCompress FanCompress class for float values.
HashCodeUtil Collected methods which allow easy implementation of hashCode.
ImageScaler This code comes from the book "Filthy Rich Clients" Chapter 4.
PaletteHelper Helps create palette GUI widgets.
SwingWorker<T> This class used to be based on the 3rd version of SwingWorker.
TaskService Reuse threads instead of making new ones over and over.
Tokenizer Tokenizer provides some tools useful for defining tokenizers.
WebBrowser WebBrower - handles the WebBrowser process on behalf of OM.

Exception Summary
AssertionException Signals that an assertion has failed.
HandleError Use this class to catch a checked exception and throw it as an uncheck one.

Package com.bbn.openmap.util Description

Provide miscellaneous utility classes for OpenMap.

Copyright (C) BBNT Solutions LLC; See for details