[OpenMap Users] custom button actions / tooltip text on point data

From: Ben Podoll <benjamin.podoll_at_und.edu>
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2004 16:57:03 -0500

Question 1:

What class should I look at to get an idea of how to create my own custom
buttons with actions to do things? Basically what I want to do is extremely
simple, just have a bunch of GIS icons like rivers, railroads, ... and allow
the user to toggle them on or off by clicking (instead of using the "Layers"

Question 2:

If I need the user to click on a road or interstate for detailed information
how can I do that? I read and display these roads from a shapefile so I need
to capture that mouse click event when done on it? I know there are easy
ways to capture click events on points on the map but roads run all over the
place and they don't really have a coordinate reference to check if they are
being hit, or do they?

Question 3:

How do I get a tooltip for a layer, for instance, if I have point data on my
display and I want the user to click on a point to get the detailed info? I
know there was a example layer but I can't find which one that was, can
someone point me in the right direction...

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