RE: [OpenMap Users] OMCircle conversion

From: Chris Hopkins <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 17:19:10 -0400

Hi Tim -
There is a constructor for OMCircle which takes a float radius and Length
units (as well as other parameters). That is the easiest way to create a
circle with a specified radius of, say, 20 miles. The Length class is found
in com.bbn.openmap.proj (at least in 4.6 it is).
  - Chris

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Subject: [OpenMap Users] OMCircle conversion

Hi all

Has any one done conversions with OMCircles.
I am trying to create a circle of a certain size. Example 1000 meter, or 20
miles, or 1 kilometer. Is there a class or method in OpenMap that does this.


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