[OpenMap Users] Raster Product Format / CIB support

From: Webb, Todd <twebb_at_titan.com>
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 15:08:42 -0700

I am attempting for the first time to display a CIB (Controlled Image Base) map. I get the following error to System.out
 *** ERROR ***
 RpfTocHandler: Invalid TOC File in C:\data\RPF

A.TOC is there, and was copied unmodified straight from the CD. Is CIB really supported by the RPFLayer? If so, what else might be the problem?

      RpfLayer layer = new RpfLayer();
      //Properties layerProps = new Properties();
      //layerProps.put("rpf.paths", "C:\\data\\RPF");
                layer.setPaths(new String[]{"C:\\data\\RPF"});
        CADRG proj = new CADRG(new LatLonPoint(30.5, 45.5), 1500000f,1024, 768);

P.S. We do not use property files, we create everything through the API. It appears that the RPFLayer doesn't pay any attention the "rpf.paths" property if it is passed to layer.setProperties(). The layer couldn't even find the TOC file until we used the RpfLayer specific setPaths() method. Any solution must NOT involve a property file.

Any help appreciated
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