RE: [OpenMap Users] Raster Product Format / CIB support

From: Webb, Todd <>
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2004 13:15:56 -0700

Thanks everyone for the help. Unfortunately I must be retarded or something since after 2 years of using OpenMap it still takes me forever to get something new to work.

I re-formatted my properties and added the suggested properties to the following
  Layer rpfLayer = new RpfLayer();
  Properties rpfProps = new Properties();
  rpfProps.put("rpfLayer.paths", "/data/RPF");
        rpfProps.put("rpfLayer.opaque", "255");
        rpfProps.put("rpfLayer.numberColors", "216");
        rpfProps.put("rpfLayer.showmaps", "true");
        rpfProps.put("rpfLayer.showinfo", "false");
        rpfProps.put("rpfLayer.scaleImages", "true");
        rpfProps.put("rpfLayer.imageScaleFactor", "4");
        rpfProps.put("rpfLayer.killCache", "true");
            rpfProps.put("rpfLayer.chartSeries", "ANY");
        rpfProps.put("rpfLayer.autofetchAttributes", "true");
              rpfProps.put("rpfLayer.autofetchAttributes", "false");
        rpfProps.put("rpfLayer.coverage", "true");
        rpfProps.put("rpfLayer.subframeCacheSize", "1");
        rpfProps.put("rpfLayer.auxSubframeCacheSize", "1");

All the errors disappeared. Unfortunately the screen is still blank (no map), just the background (ocean)color.

I tried another sugggestion, explicitly setting the projection
        CADRG proj = new CADRG(new LatLonPoint(29.0, 49.0), 1500000f,1024, 768);

Which had no effect.

Any more suggestions would still be appreciated.



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