[OpenMap Users] Strange results with SHIS image

From: Christian Weaves <christian.weaves_at_fugro-robertson.com>
Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2004 11:38:28 +0100


I'm getting some strange results when using the SimpleHttpImageServer
object. I request a map image and most of the time image is sent back
correctly as shown in the first image I've attached to this post.

The problem arises when I zoom out and more OMGraphic objects are added
to the OMGraphicList container. I get a back background instead of a
blue one as shown in the second image I've attached.

I tried increasing the memory available to the Virtual Machine but this
doesn't seem to have any effect. Is this some sort of limitation of the
OMGraphicList container? I hope not. I've also tried changing the
background color by appending &BGCOLOR=89c5f9 to the url but the image
still comes back wrong. Has anybody come across this problem before?

Thanks for your help, Chrisitan.

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