simple GEOTIFF support classes Re:[OpenMap Users] geotiff support (yet?)

From: William Art <>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 15:17:32 +0200

Hi All,

Here's my contribution to your openmap GEOTIFF support quest :)
You can use this code freely, but please contribute back any changes.

This is to support a layer that will display any kind of image supported by JAI
(the code itself supports only jpg,bmp and tif) but modification for any other
JAI supported image format is trivial.

The only projection supported is LAT/LON projection (Code to support other
projections is very welcome! :)) both for reading the image file and displaying
it in opemap.

Layer support simple geotiff file or tif file with a world file. All other
images must come with world file (jpg->jgw, bmp->bpw, tif->tfw). Projection
files/information are ignored.

I'm not currently using this code and I wrote it long time ago so it might be
more buggy than I remember and off course documentation is almost non existent.
The code would also need to be heavily cleaned. I'll try to find some time to do
that eventually.

Beside that it's not too bad, and quite fast (with tifs). It will crop images
when zoomed in so that only the interesting portion is loaded and worked on.

JAI is fully loading JPGs at once at creation this might be a problem for big jpgs.

Only one custom property (file):
Here's what to add to the file


Let me know if it helps.

Geoffrey Knauth wrote:
> I'm interested in GeoTiff too, but I haven't had much free time to
> tinker with the format. Is GeoTiff support easy to implement? I use a
> half-dozen other [Windows or Mac-based] mapping apps in addition to
> OpenMap, and the developers of those apps have been adding GeoTiff
> support recently, saying as they did so, "That was easy!" I still
> prefer OpenMap, because it's so customizable.
> I propose the following. Let's find out from BBN how much they would
> charge to add GeoTiff support, assuming it's not hard. Then those of us
> who are interested (you can include me) pitch in, and pay BBN to do the
> work.
> Geoffrey
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> Geoffrey S. Knauth |
> On Aug 6, 2004, at 10:02, Ben Podoll wrote:
>> Is there any news on the status of allowing GeoTiff images to be used in
>> OpenMap? From a few of the threads I read in the mailing list it seems
>> that
>> at least someone has implemented it, and said it was easy, and so I
>> guess I
>> was wondering if anyone (at had implemented it into OpenMap
>> that I am not aware of in the past year? If not, are there any plans to?
>> ~Ben
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