[OpenMap Users] ETOPOLayer

From: Philip Oliver-Paull <oliverpa_at_seis.sc.edu>
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 14:02:32 -0400

The ETOPOLayer is acting a little weird, I think.

First off, the application that I'm working on doesn't need very
high-resolution maps and we wanted to save space by only including one
of the ETOPO files, so we chose ETOPO15. However, ETOPO15 didn't seem
to work with the "minute.spacing" property set to 15. For that matter,
ETOPO10 doesn't work when it is set to 10, and 5 just causes an
OutOfMemoryError. The only winning combination I've found so far is to
set "minute.spacing" to 15 and use the ETOPO10 file. This seems a
little odd. Am I doing anything wrong?

Secondly, the ETOPOLayer doesn't line up with the shapefile we're using
(dcwpo-browse). This is most noticable with the Florida panhandle. The
ETOPOLayer seems to be shifted about 20 minutes west. We have
seismogram stations on the coast of South Carolina that are under water
according to the ETOPOLayer.

Here is a screenshot:

Is there any way to shift this layer over so that it lines up properly?


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