[OpenMap Users] Mouse clicks with OMGraphicHandlerPlugIn

From: Andrew Hnatiw <Andrew_Hnatiw_at_raytheon.com>
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2004 16:58:09 -0400

After writing a bunch of stuff into a subclass of OMGraphicHandlerPlugIn,
I have decided that I need to handle mouse events to see if clicks occur
on my graphics. It seems like OMGraphicHandlerLayer is the thing to use
to do this.

If I decide to stick with the plugin, Is there any easy way to use a
built-in plugin method to tell me which graphics the click occurred in, or
do I have to manually iterate through the graphics and call their
contains(int x, int y) methods? I'm assuming contains is already
implemented for me... though I don't see how the graphics would have
access to the projection to figure out if that screen pt is actually
within them, and it doesn't look like any classes like OMCircle actually
implement contains().

Any advice before I get rid of my plugin and move all my code into an


Andrew Hnatiw
Software Engineer
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