Re: [OpenMap Users] Rosette and Zoom Buttons invisible under Solaris

From: Andrew Hnatiw <>
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 08:23:22 -0400

I'm running Solaris and OpenMap 4.6 and the buttons are there, so maybe
its not a Solaris problem? I'm remotely connecting to the Solaris
computer, so my graphics might be a little different. Maybe its something
with your windowing environment? I'll let you know if some buttons
disappear when I run it locally on the Sun later today. There's nothing
weird in your properties file like "zoomButton.invisible=true".... it's
always the obvious things :)

Good luck,

Andrew Hnatiw
Raytheon IIS
Falls Church, VA 22042 wrote on 09/13/2004 06:26:28 PM:


> Hi all,
> Under OpenMap 4.6 the Rosette and the Zoom Buttons do not appear,
> yet they are there because you can hover over where they should be
> and click where you hover to get the appropriate actions. The
> strange thing is these buttons show up under Windows (any version)
> but not under Solaris. Anyone have some ideas out there?
> -Mike
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