Re: [OpenMap Users] Swing components inside map?

From: Jesper Berglund <>
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 13:05:20 +0200

Hello Peter!

I have integrated OpenMap into an application monitoring different
mobile devices.
I made an own layer that extends the OMGraphicHandlerLayer. The only
thing to do was to override some methods to enable right-click menu,
tooltip and infoline.
Through the right-click menu, the user has full access to the device
actions and its properties.
The layer also updates the devices through JMS to enable real time
monitoring of the devices.

It was quick and painless I must say =)

Peter Solderitsch wrote:

> All,
> I'm trying to implement a feature that works something like this: User
> clicks on a graphic (OMGraphic subclass of some kind) on the map. In
> response, a java panel/swing component of some kind, which may have its
> own nested gui controls like buttons or list boxes, is displayed at a
> particular x,y offset from that selected graphic on the map.
> Moreover, I'd like it to be possible for more than one of these
> components to be overlaid at a given time (n of them, where n is the
> number of OMGraphics on the map that are currently in "selected" state).
Try overriding the setSelected (OMGraphic om) in OMGraphicHandlerLayer.
Get all the related graphics and set them as selected to super.

> Our current version of the app displays a complicated set of other
> OMGraphics (lines, rectangles, OMText lines, etc) as the popup control,
> but you don't get the full features this way (basically, since that
> panel is made up of OMGraphics, all you can really do is
> select/deselect/drag and drop).
> In my first crawl through the javadoc, I haven't found a straightforward
> approach to this problem yet - I'm writing this in the hope that it's
> obvious and I've missed it, or that someone else has tackled this (or
> someone to tell me it's impossible).
> Thanks,
> -Peter
> --
> Peter Solderitsch
> Gestalt, LLC

/Jesper Berglund

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