[OpenMap Users] menus on select from OMGraphicHandlerLayer subclass

From: Robert Najlis <rnajlis_at_cs.indiana.edu>
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 20:30:23 -0400


I am working on my own subclass of OMGraphicHandlerLayer. I have been
able to get tooltips working on mousemovements, but I am having
troubles getting reactions to clicks.

  I would really like to get menus popping up.

I can get isSelectable and select to work, but I don't seem to be able
to get deselect and getItemsForOMGraphicMenu(OMGraphic) to be called.
(I am testing by just printing to the command line). I assume deselect
must be working in some way, as the list size for select remains the
same - but I don't see my System.out.println message getting called
from the deselect function.

Also, should I implement the functions mouseOver(MapMouseEvent) and
leftClick(MapMouseEvent) in my class?

Thanks a lot.


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