[OpenMap Users] Clipping "lines"

From: Andrew Hnatiw <Andrew_Hnatiw_at_raytheon.com>
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 16:40:55 -0400

I am having program crashes due to zooming in very far and having things
drawn way off the screen, resulting in either tons of these weird java
PRExceptions, or just a sudden exit by the program. From what I've read
online on old parts of the mailing list for openmap and on the Sun
website, this is just one of those problems with the java graphics api -
it throws these exceptions when you have graphics far away from the
viewable screen. The main thing that causes the problem in my application
is drawing lines that are partially on the screen, but then stretch far
off when I am zoomed in very close. The only solution I could come up
with is clipping the lines. Does anybody have any advice on how to do
this? My lines are not rhumb lines, they are lines along the great
circles, and I was hoping to get this to work for multiple projection
types. My plan is to calculate the equation of the arc of the great
circle that contains the "line", and then find where it intersects a
bounding box denoted by lats and lons.

So now to the question - Is there any way to get OpenMap to do this all
for me? I have some messy equations using vector math, and I'm thinking
of using the javax.vecmath package that comes with java 3d. any better
ideas... this way seems really math intensive and probably slow... and
I'm not even sure if this will solve the problem - has anybody else dealt
with this problem?


Andrew Hnatiw

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