[OpenMap Users] Tool panel & layer visibility interactions

From: Peter Solderitsch <psolderitsch_at_gestalt-llc.com>
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 16:57:59 -0400


This has probably been answered before, but as per my last message, I'm
currently unable to search the mailing list archives.

When enabling/disabling the Drawing layer in the standard OpenMap gui,
drawing-related tool buttons are added/removed dynamically based on that
layer's visibility. My question is: how does one go about adding similar
behaviors to a custom-written layer subclass?

I've been looking through the source and haven't been able to figure out
how this works. I know how to add a Tool unconditionally to the
ToolPanel, I just haven't figured out the preferred mechanism (if there
is one) of associating that tool (or a collection of tools) with a
particular layer's visibility.

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