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From: Sperlongano Brian M NPRI <SperlonganoBM_at_Npt.NUWC.Navy.Mil>
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 12:21:47 -0400

Hi Ben,
To do this most simply, this is, just to print out a full-page size copy of your mapbean, you would do one of the following:
   //using a MapHandler
   new DefaultMapBeanPrinter(myMapHandler).print();

   //using a MapBean
   new DefaultMapBeanPrinter(myMapBean).print();
    //using a Layer[] and Projection
   new DefaultMapBeanPrinter(myLayerHandler.getLayers(), myMapBean.getProjection()).print();
If you wanted to customize the printout further, you would create a class that extends AbstractMapBeanPrinter and implement the following function (see the source code of DefaultMapBeanPrinter):
    public int print(Graphics g, PageFormat pageFormat, int pageIndex) {
        //Manipulate graphics object here...
        //Use printMap to place the map

Hope that helps.

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What is the easiest way to do this (snippet of code if possible) to print my map bean?



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A few days ago, I sent two classes which enable map printing. I realized later that the approach used (using the paint() method of a MapBean) was flawed in that the printouts would be scaled *after* rasterization, and therefore would result in blockiness if the MapBean is small or the paper is large... in essence the MapBean image would get scaled as raster graphics instead of vector graphics.


To remedy these problems, I rewrote the two classes to support vectorized scaling, using the ImageServer class.


Feel free to use and distribute, blah blah blah.




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