[OpenMap Users] rendering problem still remains

From: Rubén Ruiz <vinilo_at_cancerbero.org>
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 15:22:03 +0200

Hi all,


Fitst of all i would like to thank to Brian Hudson for his ideas…thanks


When I use XY / XY-Offset Rendering type I can draw perfectly, but…my
problem is not just when I’m drawing, I’ve a set of maps coming from
autocad, I’ve managed to translate them into shapefiles in Lat/Lon. The
problem comes with many lines/polygons using a high scale (1:62) projection.
The normal polygons are more or less “visible”, but all my circles are not.
I don’t know if I can change the rendering type for all my lines/polys when
I load them or anything similar. Also when I draw a nice circle with
XYOffset and I save it in a SHP, it really stores a rectangle, and if I load
that shp again I can see a perfect rectangle…I cannot store nothing rendered
with any XY render type.


At this point I’ve been thinking in varius exits to this problem:


- if its possible to render XY all my graphics I think it’ll be
solved, but I’ve tried with no success…

- if it would solve this problem…could I change all float members
to double or is there any restriction that makes it impossible? Do you know
where can I begin to change and what portion of openmap do I’ve to change? I
think the main problem resides in the projection classes but I need some
“light” from you, I’ve not been working with openmap too much, and every day
I find new fancy things.


I hope someone can help me…


Thanks in advance,


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