[OpenMap Users] Problems with OMRasterObject

From: Jeroen Meijer <jeroenmeijer8931_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 16:22:13 +0200

Hi all, i'm trying to add an image to an OMGraphicList.. The image
itself is loaded, but when rendering the items in the graphic list I get
the message;
OMRasterObject.render: Attempting to draw a Image that is not ready!
Image probably wasn't available.
// test
OMGraphic omg2 = createImage();
graphics.add(omg2); // OMGraphicList
protected OMGraphic createImage(){
      OMRaster bg = null;
        java.awt.Image bgImage = ImageIO.read(new URL(serverURL +
        bg = new OMRaster(10.0f,10.0f,bgImage);
      }catch(Exception ex){}
      return bg;
What's wrong? I've searched the mailing archives for an answer, but
found none. Maybe the location layer can be used, but then I have to
rewrite all my code which I integrated into a mysql
Jeroen Meijer

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