[OpenMap Users] architecture for reasoning with VMAP edge data

From: <Peter.Weinstein_at_Altarum.org>
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2004 09:27:28 -0500


I need to add an interactive layer to OpenMap that includes reasoning about
travel routes. To illustrate the type of functionality that I plan to
build, imagine the user clicking on two spots on the map, and the system
highlighting the quickest route that combines roads, railroads, and trails
to get from point A to B.

I would greatly appreciate suggestions for how I should extend OpenMap to
trap the loading of edge data from VMAP files. I envision capturing the
information with a hook in EdgeTable or somewhere down the stack from
VPFLayer when preparing to draw, then accessing this information to support
interaction in my new layer.


Peter Weinstein, Ph.D.
Information Technology Scientist
Altarum Institute
"Those who can, build." - Robert Moses

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