[OpenMap Users] OpenMap 4.6.1 has been released!

From: Bill Mackiewicz <bmackiew_at_bbn.com>
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2004 14:36:25 -0500

We've released version 4.6.1 of OpenMap(tm) at


OpenMap is open source software. Note that for this release of OpenMap,
you must use Java 1.4. New for this release:

2004-10-15 Donald Dietrick <dietrick_at_bbn.com>

         * Changed OMGrid to extend OMGraphicList instead of OMGraphic.
         This provides better access to the OMGraphics that the
         OMGridGenerator creates. If that access is not wanted, just set
         the OMGrid (OMGraphicList) to be vague.

2004-10-05 Donald Dietrick <dietrick_at_bbn.com>

         * Updated the SwingWorker to match the latest version from Sun.

         * Added LambertConformalConic projection, along with it's loader
         that has properties to let it describe the LCC attributes it
         create. You create a loader in the properties for a specific
         state plane or other LCC definition, and that shows up as an
         option to the ProjectionFactory.

         * Updated the decorated OMGraphic parts, adding a circle
         decoration and some weather notations. Added editable
         OMScalingRaster code, submitted by Dan Bitts. Fixed FontSizer.
         Added callouts to FilterSupport to handle actions on OMGraphics
         that pass and fail the filter. Fixed transparency handling in
         OMRaster. Updated rotation handling in OMRasterObject. Added
         accessors to OMScalingRaster to get display corners. Updated
         OMText so rotated text factored into distance() correctly.

         * Modified LayerHandler to add layers to top of stack, if their
         position is undefined.

         * Update VPF components. Added feature type sublists to
         warehouse support, to better control display of different

         * Fixed MakeToc from the RPF package, it was writing bad A.TOC
         files. Updated RPF coverage tools. Modified RpfFrame to check
         for lower case file names if upper case isn't found, and also to
         check for full pathnames when the frame is actually loaded,
         instead of when the layer was created, which was really

         * Modifed BufferedImageRenderPolicy to extend
         RenderingHintsRenderPolicy, so buffered image could be
         anti-aliased if needed.

         * Modified how the OMGraphicHandlerLayer handles/locks the
         SwingWorker during updates, and how it cleans up if the
         SwingWorker gets interrupted. Removed synchronization notation
         from some methods. Added new GRP capability to handle events
         over the map.

         * Fixed Location bug with label rendering.

         * Modified DTEDCoverageLayer to extend OMGraphicHandlerLayer.

         * Updated BufferedLayer to properly handle BeanContext with its
         sub-layers, as well as responding to getProperties(). Updated
         ScaleFilterLayer as well.

         * Added methods to LatLonPoint that call GreatCircle class to
         calculate distance/azimuth to another LatLonPoint, or to find a
         LatLonPont a distance and azimuth away from the current point.

         * Updated the LayersPanel initialization with the

         * Added method to ProjectionFactory to let it provide the
         projection set with the Environment projection parameters.
         Updated the BasicMapPanel and ImageServer/MapRequestHandler to
         use that method.

         * Added the com.bbn.openmap.util.FileUtils class that has a
         static method for asking for a file from the user, using a

         * Added a save capability
         com.bbn.openmap.dataAccess.shape.DbfTableModel when it's run
         directly on a .dbf file. The save option was also added,
         with a behavior mask setting.

         * Updated the com.bbn.openmap.dataAccess.dted components to be
         able to handle .dt2 files.

2004-05-24 Donald Dietrick <dietrick_at_bbn.com>

         * Added the OptionPropertyEditor, a base class used for
         presenting properties with a limited number of choices. These
         options are defined in properties, which is why the
         PropertyConsumerPropertyEditor was written as the superclass.
         The ComboBoxPropertyEditor is the first implementation of the
         OptionPropertyEditor, using a JComboBox to display the choices.
         The ColorPropertyEditor was modified to use the
         fill paint button to display the color choice in addition to
         showing the hex representation. The Inspector was modified to
         handle PropertyConsumerPropertyEditors.

2004-05-14 Donald Dietrick <dietrick_at_bbn.com>

         * Modified the ProjectionFactory to dynamically manage
         projections. This involved changing the ProjectionFactory from
         class containing static methods that accessed hard-coded classes
         to a singleton instance that uses the MapHandler to gather
         ProjectionLoaders that it uses to create Projection objects. A
         BasicProjectionLoader class has been written implementing the
         ProjectionLoader interface, and 5 ProjectionLoader classes have
         been written extending BasicProjectionLoader that create the
         Mercator, CADRG, Orthographic, LLXY and Gnomonic projections.

         The ProjectionFactoryLoader class has been written to be added
         the openmap.components property in order to put the
         ProjectionFactory instance into the MapHandler. It can also be
         used to define the properties for ProjectionLoaders, although
         ProjectionLoaders can also be added directly to the MapHandler

         Because the change to openmap.properties might catch some people
         by surprise, particularly those who use their own
         openmap.properties file, the BasicMapPanel has been modified to
         check the MapHandler to see if a ProjectionFactory has been
         to it. If a ProjectionFactory cannot be found, the singleton
         instance is automatically added with the default set of

         Lastly, the Projection property defined in the
         file has to be a class name, instead of a nickname of one of the
         projection classes. Some available class names have been added
         the openmap.properties comments next to that property, and the
         BasicMapPanel has been configured to complain about using the

         * Added methods to ComponentFactory so that those methods that
         created components from a list of marker names and a set of
         properties could be provided a prefix to place in front of the
         marker name and its properties.

         * Moved/Added I18n handle to OMComponent, OMComponentPanel and
         AbstractOpenMapMenu, to make I18n easier to implement.

         * Modified when/how tooltips are cleared and reset in the

2004-05-10 Donald Dietrick <dietrick_at_bbn.com>

         * Modified the StandardPCPolicy so that has the option to be
         to always spawn a thread when a projection is received. It used
         to use the number of OMGraphics on it's current list to
         if that should happen, but that caused problems if the one
         OMGraphic created took a while to create. You can pass the new
         flag in a constructor, or set it later.

         * Modified how PlugInLayer handles plugin with the BeanContext,
         so PlugIns added to the layer at a later time still get to work
         with the BeanContext.

         * Added the com.bbn.openmap.dataAccess.iso8211 package that
         provides support for reading ISO 8211 data files. Also added
         com.bbn.openmap.dataAccess.asrp package that reads ASRP image
         data. ASRP images can be displayed using the

         * Added attribute mechanism to OMGeometry/OMGraphic objects.
         attributes are stored in a hashtable in the app object of the
         OMGeometry/OMGraphic and can be retrieved with new methods. The
         code has been written to work with the possibility of other code
         still using the setAppObject and getAppObject methods, as the
         object set as in older versions of OpenMap is now stored as an
         attribute when other attributes are added. This should be
         seamless to anybody that is currently using the app object.

         * Created MapBeanPrinterMenuItem and added it to the FileMenu.

         * Modified the BasicMapPanel so the empty constructor doesn't
         create a PropertyHandler that will search for an
         openmap.properties file and fill the application with it. The
         basic BasicMapHandler will create a MapHandler and
         BufferedLayerMapBean, and an empty PropertyHandler. To create a
         BasicMapPanel that does look for an openmap.properties file,
         create a PropertyHandler with an empty constructor and pass it
         the BasicMapPanel.

         * Added I18 contributions to gui package from Mirek Pawlowski.

         * Modified the GestureResponsePolicy interface, adding the
         receivesMapEvents(), mouseOver() and leftClick() methods so the
         policy could receive information about mouse events that were
         occuring over the background map and not over its OMGraphics.
         latter two methods only get called when the first returns true.
         Modified the StandardMapMouseInterpreter to use these methods.
         Modified the OMGraphicHandlerLayer to not do anything when these
         methods were called.

         * Added Piotr Kaminski's RhumbCalculator class that computes the
         lengths of Rhumb lines.

2004-04-16 Bill Mackiewicz <bmackiew_at_bbn.com>
         * Replaced ext/jakarta-ant-1.5.1/ with ext/apache-ant-1.6.1/

2004-02-13 Don Dietrick <dietrick_at_dhcp89-077-065.bbn.com>

         * Added Gordon Vidaver's route calculation package (originally
         derived from Ray Tomlinson's code)
         (com.bbn.openmap.tools.roads), along with two layers that
         provide routes based on the OMGraphics created from their data
         sources (com.bbn.openmap.layer.shape.MultiRoadLayer and

See http://openmap.bbn.com/CHANGELOG for a complete list of changes.

OpenMap is a JavaBeans-based toolkit for building applications and
needing geographic information. Using OpenMap components, you can
data from legacy applications, in-place, in a distributed setting. At
core, OpenMap is a set of Swing components that understand geographic
coordinates. These components help you show map data and help you
user input events to manipulate that data.

OpenMap is a trademark of BBNT Solutions LLC.


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