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From: Gatrell, Mark (UK) <"Gatrell,>
Date: Tue, 02 Nov 2004 15:07:15 +0000

Hi Don

        Thanks again for your help on this one..

>The OMGraphicHandlerLayer sets the OMGraphicList returned from the
>prepare() method as the list. The default prepare() method, however,
>simply returns the OMGraphicList it gets from the getList() method,
>calling generate(getProjection()) on it first.
>You don't want to be using the ListResetProjectionChangePolicy on your
>layer, it will clear out the list when it receives the new projection
>before calling prepare(). You want to keep the default,

>I don't really have a good idea of how you are managing your
>OMGraphicList and what threads are updating that data. The prepare()
>method is usually used to handle projection changes in the SwingWorker
>thread, so the default implementation should be good enough for you if
>you are creating your OMGraphics in the layer constructor. If you know
>your layer is always going to be on the map, creating them in the layer
>init() method is also OK. I usually create OMGraphics in the prepare()
>method, so I don't create them until the layer is actually added to the
>map. A null OMGraphicList from getList() is my flag to know when the
>layer goes active, and initialization work needs to be done.

Ok I have managed to generate my OMGraphics in the prepare method as recommended.. I was overriding the OMGraphicList getlist method left in from my old 4.5.4 sample layer and this meant that a list already existed when prepare is called and hence the null test bypassed the generation of graphics etc.
I am managing my graphics lists in the following manner.. Please feel free to tell me if I'm going about it incorrectly!

Ok the initial graphics are as I said above generated in the prepare method.
New and updates for the existing graphics enter the system via various sources (serial data etc) and are handled in a separate thread to organise a list of messages specific to my layer.Periodically I check the list for new messages and then as a result either add a new OMGraphic to my lists or update the old graphic in the list.
This is all done outside the prepare method in my own methods.... umm perhaps I should be adding and updating within the prepare method.. I will try.

>It probably depends on how zoomed in you are, and what other layers are
>doing as well. Java rendering clipping could be slowing things down
>if your layer or other layers are really drawing things far off-screen.

Is there any way of limiting the java rendering so that no drawing is done off-screen?

>I run with a Java heap of 256 Mb, so I don't usually see
>OutOfMemoryExceptions that often. I think there are clipping
>improvements in the OMScalingRaster render algorithm in 4.6.1, which is
>being pushed out the door as I type this. But with scaling rasters,
>it's not always so much the size of the original image as it can also
>be the rendered size, too.

Forget this one .. I was having a bad day.. I forgot I had set up a new project for 4.6 and did not set my heap size to 700MB (JBuilder 6) in the run time environment variable table....Duh

So I'm getting there thanks to yourselves..



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