[OpenMap Users] Problems with filtersupport

From: Peter Solderitsch <psolderitsch_at_gestalt-llc.com>
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2004 12:09:58 -0500


Whenever I call filter(Shape) on a FilterSupport attached to my
OMGraphicHandlerLayer subclass, I always get graphics returned as
passing the filter that should only have passed on my original
projection (the projection in place when OpenMap is instantiated).

For instance:

Assume that Graphic "A" is at screen position (x, y) when OpenMap

I then navigate to a different point in the map, such that Graphic A is
not even on the screen any more.

I call filter(Shape), where my Shape includes the point (x,y), and
Graphic "A" is still returned as if it was at that screen point.

This is causing me MAJOR headaches.

I even tried calling (on my layer) getList().generate(getProjection(),
true) prior to making the filter() call, on the off chance that the
off-screen graphics weren't being updated with new bounds locations and
thus being returned incorrectly, but that didn't seem to help anything.

Is there something obvious that I might be doing wrong here?

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