Re: [OpenMap Users] Creating a brighter area of map

From: Artemus S. Harper <harpera_at_cwu.EDU>
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 08:33:04 -0800

You can do this by setting the composite of the graphics object
(setComposite) to an AlphaComposite. Then simply paint a white rectangle
onto the area you wish to highlight.
Graphics2D g = ...;
Composite savedComposite = g.getComposite();
>>> Laura Paterson <> 11/10/04 6:30
AM >>>
I think this is possibly more of a Java question than a map question,
hope that someone in this forum may know of a solution!
Part of my map application allows a user to draw an area of interest
the map. I used to indicate the boundary of this area by colouring it
transparently, however, I received complaints that this interfered with
using the map too much.
After trying a few prototypes, I have found the effect I want to achieve
to brighten the selected area. (See the attached screenshot mock, which
made up using the Brighten option in Paint Shop Pro 7.)
The problem is, I have no idea at the moment how to go about creating
effect in OpenMap/Java...
If anyone has any suggestions I will be very grateful!

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