[OpenMap Users] OpenMapTab plug-in for Protege announcement

From: Ru <sorokinru_at_iias.spb.su>
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 20:02:48 +0300

Hello, openmap-users!

On the link http://niggis.iias.spb.su/en/projects/OpenMapTab/openmap_tab.htm
is published the OpenMapTab plug-in for Protege
(http://protege.stanford.edu) comibining GIS functionality of the
OpenMap with knowledge representation and processing power of Protege.


R. P. Sorokin sorokinru_at_iias.spb.su
NIL OOGIS http://niggis.iias.spb.su
SPIIRAS http://www.spiiras.nw.ru/indexe.html
St.Petersburg, Russia

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