[OpenMap Users] Performance Issues

From: <dianefitch_at_comcast.net>
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 14:25:52 -0500

I have been working with openmap, and I need help with 3 performance issues.

I have a requirement to draw 5000 simple lines referenced by Lat/Lon. So I create 5000 OMLine objects and add them to the GraphicsList. When a projection changes (zooming)

    1. the application is very slow, taking well over 5 seconds.

            The debug in the LayerWorker construct shows the time is spent in the OMGraphicList list = getRenderPolicy().prepare(); method

     2. It consumes memory and never releases then finally application just hangs (40MB is used every zoom)

     3. Even though the swingworker is being called, the application seems to hang.

I am using Windows XP, 512MB Memory 1.8 GHz processor, Java 1.4.2_02, Openmap 4.6.1

My LineLayer class is very simple. It extends OMGraphicsHandlerLayer, and uses the StandardPCPolicy and StandardRenderPolicy.

I have tried BufferedImageRenderPolicy, and this did not help.



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