Re: [OpenMap Users] problem setting up the shape files: why is this occurring?? - new to java

From: Bart Jourquin <>
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 11:25:38 +0100

You need to add the directory which contains the shapes files into the
Java Build Path (Right click on the project in the navigator, open the
project's properties, choose Java Build Path and add the relevant dir in
the Librairies tab....


Le lundi 29 novembre 2004 à 18:33 -0500, Steve Frierdich a écrit :

> I am using the Eclipse Java Environment for creating and run Java
> projects. I created a Crew project in same directory where the crew
> example in open map is located (src\openmap\com\bbn\openmap\examples
> \crew),. Next I imported the java files(Crew and RouteLayer) in that
> directory into the project and used main in the file was
> used as entry point. When I ran the program the shape there was an
> error that stated there was a problem setting up the shape files.
> ShapeLayer SpatialIndex: problem setting up the shape files:
> shape file: data/shape/dcwpo-browse.shp
> spatial index file: data/shape/dcwpo-browse.ssx
> I went into the file and harded the to files to a full
> path and that still did not work.
> Can someone tell me how to solves this problem and why this error is
> occurring?
> Thanks
> Steve
> >

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