[OpenMap Users] WMS client in OpenMap

From: Bart Jourquin <bart.jourquin_at_fucam.ac.be>
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2004 14:09:40 +0100

Hi Don and OpenMap users,

It seems that the WMS client implementation in Openmap doesn't support
many projection types. In fact, it seems that the map request only asks
for EPSG:4326 projections.

I would suggest to modify createQueryString(Projection p) in order to
build a better getMap request. Depending on p, the following changes
could be introduced:

 if (p instanceof LLXY || p instanceof CADRG) {
      // use CRS=CRS:84
    if (p instanceof Mercator) {
      // use CRS=AUTO2:42001 (or 42002, I'm not so sure)
    if (p instanceof Orthographic) {
      // use CRS=AUTO2:42003

The current implementation uses "SRS=EPSG:43226", but reading the WMS
specifications, I think that using "CRC" (Coordinate reference system)
instead of "SRS" (Spatial Reference System) is more inline with the
specs. That's why I propose CRS=CRS:84.

BTW, does is there a possibility to ask a WMS server for a gnomonic map?



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