[OpenMap Users] Overriding createCoordinateInformationLine did not work, same coordinates displayed as before

From: Steve Frierdich <sfrierdich_at_custom-mfg-eng.com>
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 12:43:39 -0500

Piotr Kamiński wrote:

  The overriding of the createCoordinateInformationLine function did not
work. The steps taken to override the function were:

    * Override the createCoordinateInformationLine by deriving a
      SaidsCoordMouseMode from the NavMouseMode2 class, and overriding
      the CreateCoordinateInformationLine function in the derived class
      so it returns a string of UTM or MGRS coordinated

    * Derived Nav Mouse Mode varaible from the SaidsCoordMouseMode
      class instead of the NavMouseMode2 class and add this variable to
      the mouse delegator.

<> private SaidsCoordMouseMode /*NavMouseMode2*/ navMouseMode2;
     navMouseMode2 = new SaidsCoordMouseMode();


    * To set the navMouseNode like is done in openamaps.property file.
      The name of the project is saids, and the SaidsCoordMouseMode is
      the class that is inherited from the NavMouseMode2 class.

<>Code in saids.properties file to set nav mouse mode:

The steps above did not work. Did I do something wrong in the projects
property file?

Piotr Kamiński wrote:

>Dear Steve,
>CoordMouseMode is a base class for other MouseModes (NavMouseMode,
>SelectMouseMode, etc)
>What I did in my code? Subclassed every mouse mode I use and overrided
>method createCoordinateInformationLine().
>class MyNavMouseMode extends NavMouseMode {
> public MyNavMouseMode(){
> this(true);
> }
> protected String createCoordinateInformationLine(int x, int y,
>LatLonPoint llp) {
> if (llp != null) {
> return InfoLineFormatter.formatUTM(llp);
> } else {
> return InfoLineFormatter.formatXY(x, y);
> }
> }
>You have to add this new mousemode to openmap.properties instead of original
>one (put full package and class name).
>InfoLineFormatter class has simple static methods which return String value
>displayed in InformationDelegator status line.
>Example of UTM formatting:
>class InfoLineFormatter {
> private static DecimalFormat myFormat = new DecimalFormat("###.##");
> public static String formatUTM(LatLonPoint llp) {
> // convert lat lon to UTM
> UTMPoint utmPoint = new UTMPoint(llp);
> // format UTM coordinates
> StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer(32);
> sb.append(Integer.toString(utmPoint.zone_number));
> sb.append(String.valueOf(utmPoint.zone_letter));
> sb.append(' ');
> sb.append(myFormat.format(utmPoint.easting));
> sb.append(' ');
> //Locale
> sb.append(myFormat.format(utmPoint.northing));
> return sb.toString();
> }
>Hope this will help you.
>I think about adding new OpenMap component similar to presented
>InfoLineFormatter, but added to BeanContext.
>CoordMouseMode (and maybe other MouseModes too) could call its methods to
>obtain formatted line. Existance in BeanContext allows changing of
>InfoLineFormatter implementation, even at run-time (e.g. user selects he/she
>wants now UTM coordinates displayed instead of LatLon). What do you think?
>Piotr Kaminski
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>>Subject: [OpenMap Users] Anyone ever overide the
>>createCoordinateInformationLine function is called by the
>>fireMouseLocation method in CoordMouseMode class to effect
>>howcoordinates are displayed
>>I am trying change what kind of coordinates are displayed
>>to,UTM, DMS,
>>and MGRS. The createCoordinateInformationLine function is
>>called by the
>>fireMouseLocation method in CoordMouseMode class to display
>>the lat and
>>long in degrees if possible , along with the x and y position. Has
>>anyone ever overridden this createCoordinateInformationLine called by
>>the fireMouseLocation? Can anyone supply me an example of how to
>>override this function to affect what is displayed. I would
>>like to in
>>fact to display whatever string I want to be displayed. Like
>>the UTM, MGRS, and the lat and long all at the same time in
>>one string.
>>Does anyone one have some source code to show me how to do this. I am
>>new at java and we lost our Java programmer his Java Map project was
>>dumped into my lap. My Java experience is about 2 weeks.
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