RE: [OpenMap Users] Right mouse click with MACINTOSH OS X on OMGraphicHandlerLayer ???

From: Peter Solderitsch <>
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2004 15:14:04 -0500


This has something to do with the OpenMap mouse handling code not using best practices in determining what triggers a "right click". In MouseEvent there's a method called "isPopupTrigger" (or something similar), which provides a platform-independent way to figure out if a "right-click-like" behavior was triggered.. though I forget the exact method name. The last time I looked at the relevant OpenMap mouse-related source code, it wasn't using that platform-independent method, but was looking for a particular button click instead.

I can follow up on Monday if need be when I have the code in front of me.


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Dear OM User Group,

I have run into an interesting challenge...

We have a built a layer that extends OMGraphicHandlerLayer

The OMGraphicHandlerLayer is supposed to be able to handle mouse events
through the GestureResponsePolicy interface it implements.

I have the following properties set on my layer:


Our code for this layer runs fine on Windows ( a right click brings up a
panel). HOWEVER on the Mac a control-click, shift-click, any kind of
click... Does not register. I do not think the layer is responding at all
to the Mac since in debug mode with a breakpoint set to catch the click, I
do not see the mouse event.... ?

Is there something special that has to be set for Mac (and Linux) for
OMGraphicHandlerLayers to work with mouse events? Note that mouse over
events on the layer work fine.

Has anyone else successfully used OMGraphicHandlerLayers and right mouse

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you might provide on this?


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