[OpenMap Users] Anyone using openmap on a handheld that runs linux

From: Steve Frierdich <sfrierdich_at_custom-mfg-eng.com>
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 08:48:18 -0500

I am using a Compact handheld that uses the Linux 2.4.9-rmk6-pxel-hh30
version. Has anyone ever use openmaps on a similar handheld that run
this version of linux with the same arm processor , or a similar version
of Linux? Does anyone know if linux kernels that runs on a handheld
even support java awt and java swt?

Steve Frierdich wrote:

> Bart
> I downloaded the Openmaps beta 4.6.2 fron CVS but there was no
> anopenmap.jar file in the lib directory on the downlaod.
> Did I miss something in the downloading, or does one have to compile
> teh openmap 4.6.2 source code
> to get a openmap.jar file.
> Thanks
> Steve
> Bart Jourquin wrote:
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