Re: [OpenMap Users] applet and cvs data

From: Philippe A <>
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2005 14:32:16 +0100

Thanks Jerome,
I will answer in English to be undestood by all (even if i m French as you

First I knew the restrictions about the applet, but everything is on the
server in the right directory what is strange is that the cities.csv example
file works perfectly while my own positions.csv, in the same location is not
Interestingly the applet knows my positions layer, it is in the panel
(checked as active) but the data is not displayed on the map....
Interestingly the bulb you mentionned is yellow, not green, which probably
means there is a problem.
Of course I will try to avoid the problem by distributing an application
instead of posting an applet but it is not a very elegant solution, I would
have liked to understand what prevented my data from being displayed.
For the record I m on WinXP with openmap 4.6.1 and the last java SDK.
I even tried something with AppletDataNugget as was suggested in the FAQ but
this FAQ is out of date, the nugget has been killed.....
I would like to know if other users managed to display thei own csv data
with the applet.

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