[OpenMap Users] rpf layer problems

From: Gatrell, Mark (UK) <"Gatrell,>
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 14:37:51 +0000

Hi Don/All

        I have recently upgraded to 4.6.1 and am very pleased with the performance benefits. So thanks for that..

I have a few problems at present..

I dont seem to be able to display the rpf 'pop' layer using the properties file.
I can display the 'bnd ' layer with no problems.
The only difference I can see is that the 'bnd ' layer uses edge features and the 'pop' layer uses area features.
I have included the properties file below.
Can you see any reason why this might not work?

I know that data exists as I can view it using 'manifold' and I have run Describe on the directory to.I have also included the layer name in the layers list!

Also (off the subject).. Can you please tell me how to change the data shown on the bottom menu so that I can display my own coordinates on the mouse movement events instead of lat lon ?

Thankyou for your help



        ## Bnd layer ..... This one works fine

vmapbnd.prettyName=VMAP bnd
vmapbnd.featureTypes= edge

# just display polbndl
vmapbnd.edge= polbndl

# Use this property for a better focus on feature types, especially
# for more fine-grained databases

        ## Population layer .... This one does not show

vmappop.prettyName=VMAP population
vmappop.featureTypes= area

# just display builtupa

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