[OpenMap Users] Re-centre Map in 4.6.1

From: Gatrell, Mark (UK) <"Gatrell,>
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 08:35:20 +0000

        I have recently upgraded to v4.6.1 and have found that I now, can't re-centre my map programmatically.

I was previously using this code:-
  MapBean _map;

  Proj proj = (Proj)getProjection().makeClone() ;
  proj.setCenter(newLatPosition,newLonPosition );



It would seem that I need to obtain the Mapbean some other way.. I have looked at the forum archive and the example uses the mouse event to obtain the MapBean using

MapBean map = (MapBean)e.getSource():

I am not using the mouse to trigger the change.. I am using the latest gps location read in from my receiver.

Could anyone explain where I am going wrong ?

I am trying to re-centre from my extended OmGraphicHandlerLayer!

Thanks for your help



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