Re: [OpenMap Users] Polygon Mathematics

From: Don Dietrick <>
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 11:08:18 -0500

Hi Mark,

There are a couple of ways to do this.

The com.bbn.openmap.geo.Intersection.polyInterset(float[], float[])
does vector math to work in lat/lon space. Also, if you are working
with OMPolys, you can get the Shape from them after they have been
generated. From there, you can use the Java 2D API to ask those
questions. Right away, you can ask of their bounding boxes intersect.
For a more precise answer, you have to create Areas and ask if they
intersect, but that's an expensive question, use it sparingly.

- Don

On Jan 26, 2005, at 10:57 AM, Potter, Mark A (UK Rochester) wrote:

> Hello All,
> This should only be a quick one to answer:  does openmap have any
> polygon mathematics functions built in - such as "does this poly
> intersect this poly" and "does this poly intersect this line"
> type-functions?
> I have an inkling that they must exist somewhere for the rendering,
> although I can't find them - can anyone point me in the right
> direction?
> Thanks,
> Mark A Potter.
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Don Dietrick,
BBN Technologies, Cambridge, MA

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