Re: [OpenMap Users] Changes in OpenMap 4.6.2

From: Piotr Kamiński <>
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2005 12:29:34 +0100

Hi Don,

I'd like to explain UTM coordinates questions from our user's point of
view. We wrote UTMPointBean (similar to OpenMap component used in
CoordinatesPanel). User can type: 16M 23432423 23432432 and it is
converted to other coordinates (lat,lon, MGRS, etc.) He could point
location on map, and it is displays in this beans as 16M 23432423
23432432. He receives textual messages from vessels, etc. with UTM
coordinates in form: 16M 23432423 23432432 and he could just copy&paste
this coordinates to out bean and visualize location on map. So for our
user it is easier to have MGRS zone letter instead of hemisphere
designator displayed, I think.

For me as a developer it is a little more difficult to use new version
of UTMPoint, because I have to use MGRSPoint also to translate zone
letter to hemisphere and vice versa. If you want to add translation
methods to MGRSPoint it should be:
char MGRSPoint.MGRSZoneToHemisphere(char)
I also need method similar to MGRSPoint.getLetterDesignator(double lat)
but I don't have latitude if I have UTMPoint object only.

In my opinion you should leave UTMPoint.zone_letter as it was and add
new field 'hemisphere'. It would clear a design also, because
in MGRSPoint you use zone_letter not as hemisphere. If UTMPoint has both
'zone_letter' and 'hemisphere' it might have additional constructors and
could serve as 'old' UTMPoint and 'new' one.

It's just my opinion. You will decide what to do with it. Being as close
to standards as you can is a good feature, but sometimes it makes life a
little harder. Please let me know if you change UTMPoint or add new
methods to MGRSPoint because I have to adjust our bean's code.


Don Dietrick napisał(a):

>>> On Jan 25, 2005, at 11:31 AM, Piotr Kamiński wrote:
>>>> A few additional questions:ła
>>>> 1. UTMPoint was changed. Instead of Zone letter code there is N or
>>>> S now. Why such a change? I though that zone letters was some kind
>>>> of standard. I assume that you decided to use ONLY S or N letter.
>>>> Am I right? There is erronous comment in UTMPoint constructor -
>>>> "If the letter is something else instead of 'N' or 'S', 'N' is
>>>> assumed." Method checkZone throws exception when something
>>>> different than N or S is specified.
>>> It turns out that N or S are the only valid zones for UTM. All the
>>> other zone letters only pertain to MGRS. I had a reference that
>>> blurred this line, which is the reason for the original design.
>> I've just searched some resources and most of them use 'old' UTM Grid
>> Zone Designator, based on MGRS notation. Only one or two publication
>> use notation wihout any letter (eg. 16 3423432.0 mE 4234324.0 mN).
>> There was a note that specifying hemisphre is important, but it was
>> not explained how to do it. I think that changes in UTMPoint might
>> be little confusing. In MGRS both S and N letters are used. Now if I
>> see 16S 2343242 234324 I can't be sure if 'S' stands for MGRS zone or
>> south hemishere. I think that GPS devices also use MGRS notation.
>> Could you point me to references which exactly defines how UTM
>> coordinates should be presented.
> UTM coordinates have a zone number, along with a northing value and an
> easting value. There also needs to be an hemisphere notation, N or S.
> MGRS has the same zone number, a letter, plus a single coordinate that
> combines the 100k subzone plus northing and easting.
>>> Thanks for picking up on the comment, it's a result of hesitation on
>>> my part, I was trying to decide whether it was better to throw an
>>> exception or quietly interpret incorrect input. I decided to throw
>>> an exception, but forgot to update the comment.
>> Exception is better, but what do you think about using two schemes of
>> zone numbering - new one with hemisphere and old one with MGRS zone
>> letter. You could add second constructor to support this.
> The zone letter isn't used for UTM translations. I guess you're
> saying that you'd like for the class to interpret a MGRS zone letter
> for a N/S indication, but that doesn't seem right? 'N' and above is
> north, 'M' and below is south for MGRS. How about if I add a static
> method to MGRSPoint.MGRSZoneToUTMZone(char) that does the conversion,
> you can call that in-line for the UTMPoint.

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