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From: Whanger, Thomas <>
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2005 10:43:15 -0500

Have you tried zooming in? RPF data usually needs to be at a smaller scale
than 200,000,000. Try something around 12,000,000 or less. If your scale
is too large, I believe OpenMap doesn't show it because it will kill your


I attached a picture of the map OpenMap displayed when I zoomed in over
Florida in my application. Hopefully this helps you out.



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Yes CADRG is chosen. Have you ever programmed the openmaps to work with RPF
layers? If you did could you do a print screen capture of the RPF maps being
displayed and place the capture like in a PowerPoint and email it to me so I
can see what the maps look like. It looks like I am going to have to go read
MIL-C-89038 and MIL-STD-2411 to learn the map formats, and possible make and
eclipse project for the openmaps application and step through the code to
see why the RPF maps are not displaying. I have no problem making the A.TOC
, adding the map to the openmaps application as a layer, referencing the RPF
maps in the file. It is that RPF maps just do not appear.
I am guessing the problem is the structure of the RPF maps I have or not the
correct format the openmaps are looking for. The RPF maps I am using are
maps I received from a government agency. That agency had an active X
control I used for those RPF map for displaying and adding layers. I
embedded that active X control in my application and then used COM for
communication to the control and adding layers. Attached in the WORD
documents in Figure 5 is a picture of the active X Control showing a RPF
map. If you can think of any steps I should take to get the RPF maps to
appear in openmaps just let me know. I have noticed in the A.TOC file
created by MakeToc mentions MIL-C-89038 in it, and the governments A.TOC
file mentions MIL-STD-2411 in it.

Lynn M. Meredith wrote:


Do you have the projection set to CADRG?

On Feb 1, 2005, at 9:47 AM, Steve Frierdich wrote:

Haa anyone ever gotten RPF maps to display using openmaps. I am having
trouble getting RPF maps to appear using openmaps and in the openmap example
application itself. I have not trouble making the A.TOC file, and adding the
RPF layer to the openmap example application layer, the problem is having
the RPF maps appear in the openmap example application. I even went into the
openmap property file and set the RPF path to where the A,TOC should be but
does not work. I noticed when I look inside the A.TOC file the file
references MIL-C-89038 and not MIL-STD-2411

Does this have a big effect on why the RPF layers to not appear in openmaps?


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